Recruitment and Selection


In any event and before all things we begin by spending time to perfectly digest the specifics of our customers, to integrate their values and corporate culture. We then define together the overall approach to implement, we work together to draft the job description if it is not available.


Once the profile is defined, we can go looking for the ideal candidate.

  • In our database. Continually evolving, it is constantly enriched with profiles encountered in previous missions as well as unsolicited applications.
  • By placing an Ad. In addition to our own website, we can also place ads on our partner sites, or else proceed to press ads placements.
  • Recruitment 2.0. Using and exploiting of all kind of social networks, virtual or not, is obviously one of our methods to search profiles that best suit our demands.
  • Direct Approach. Our method of choice to pick the ideal profiles where they are and convince them to join our clients' projects. Unlike other recruitment professionals, we are happy to use this method regardless of the post, i.e. not only for executive search.


Once the candidates are identified we take the time to meet them, because we will never propose a candidate to a client without meeting him. The interview can compare the CV of the candidate with the facts and validate the adequacy of the particular profile with customer requirements. We also work to validate skills and qualifications, whether technical or linguistic. We do also systematically perform a reference check.

Furthermore, we can also implement any candidates’ evaluation technique that we deem necessary, or as required by our customers.


Once identified and assessed, the profile is anonymously presented to the customer, so as to avoid any racial, sexual, religious discrimination... The customer then decides whether or not to meet the candidate. We emphasize that we usually propose a single candidate, the one we believe is best for the vacancy, unless otherwise requested. We do not disclose the identity of the candidate nor the client before confirmation of interview.


We assist clients and candidates in the finalization phase of hiring, and we can as well provide advice on pay, benefits policies, etc.

Follow up

After hiring, we conduct a systematic follow up with candidate and employer at the beginning of taking office, after a month and at the end of the trial period. We ensure successful integration and satisfaction.