Strategy and human resources management tools

It is about to determine, validate, implement organizational structures, procedures, values, culture and the necessary tools needed to develop the business, in adequacy with all standards and rules, and to establish factors of attractiveness and motivation for all staff.
In this context, some of the services we can implement are :

  • Satisfaction audit. We can implement a diagnostic study of employees’ satisfaction, in order to develop the necessary tools to improve this satisfaction, aiming to optimize human resources management and to minimize staff turnover while increasing motivation and adherence to strategic goals. This diagnosis is followed by the implementation of management and human resources indicators and dashboards.
  • Jobs description. We set up the listings of existing posts and functions within the company with their respective job description, thus facilitating implementation of management by objectives, visibility of career paths and internal recognition of the role of each.
  • Management by objectives. We assist our clients in implementing management by objectives policy :
    • Definition of assessment procedures
    • Objectives Writing Guide for management
    • Methodology to assess objectives and results
  • Pay / Benefits Policy. Assistance in implementing upright and honest pay grid taking into account if necessary the implementation of management by objectives and the provision of benefits in kind (e.g. company cars).
  • Welcome Booklet / Vademecum. We work with our client to define what is really important to highlight in a welcome booklet to be given to newcomers. All information necessary for the proper integration of employees will then be assembled in a single document. This can include for example: internal directory, emergency procedures, internal rules, etc. It is also possible to include or attach a guide of procedures and / or processes in place within the company.
  • Ethics. We define and implement the code of ethics of the company, in line with its strategic objectives and values as well as laws, standards and rules. We provide training, understanding and support in order to ensure staff adhesion to this code of ethics.

Human resources outsourcing

We offer you the opportunity to outsource all or part of your human resources management or else to delegate to us the supervision of your human resources department to replace, supplement or assist your staff, whether short term or longer term.


It is about to determine, validate and implement necessary structures and tools for staff and management training.

  • Audit. We organize a diagnosis of training needs of all staff, employees and management. This audit is made based upon various methods:
    • Setting objectives with management
    • Global and anonymous survey / questionnaire
    • Individual interviews
  • Training plan. Following the completion of audit, or based upon a study that already exists, we define a training plan for all staff:
    • Setting objectives
    • Identification of technical training requirements
    • Identification of specific training requirements
    • Identification of general training requirements
    • Training plan implementation
    • Selection of trainers
    • Follow-up
    • Feedback analysis
  • Trainings. Besides the definition and monitoring of training plans, we can also provide a number of specific or general training :
    • Human resources training :
      • Recruitment techniques
      • Communication
      • Management tools
      • Etc.
    • Management and sales training:
      • Sales skills development
      • How to approach banks market
      • Management techniques
      • Defining and implementing objectives
      • Etc.
    • Specific training
      We are at your disposal to define and implement any type of specific training
  • Technical Training. On specific technical training to our clients' businesses, together we define the needs and training plans and we provide the choice and coordination of trainers, ensuring we always have a personalized training in line with the real needs of our customers and in total respect of the constraints of business activity.